What To Expect Come Opening Day

If you’re reading this, welcome. Starting Friday, March 30, 2018, my goal is to deliver all fantasy baseball players the daily trends and news from the previous 24 hours in Major League Baseball. Every morning during the regular season, by 11 am Eastern, you can expect to see the 2 or 3 fantasy-relevant takeaways from the previous day, whether a team played or not.

My hope is that you can read these posts in 10 minutes or less and walk away with at least one item to take immediate action that improves your fantasy team. The format in which I deliver this information will be a work in progress, but I guarantee that if you stick with me, you’ll be an improved fantasy player when Game 162 rolls around.

Want the day’s most important headlines earlier in the day? Email me at fantasybbnow@gmail.com with “Subscribe to FB Now” in the Subject Line, and you’ll get the #1 action item for all 30 teams by 8 am Eastern.

Thanks for joining me.

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